Cloud Hosting - the latest revolution in web hosting.

Web hosting that has 99.9% uptime with full redundancy and scalability.

Website and emails are usually restored within a maximum of 30 minutes from a backup. In most cases restoration of services takes just a few minutes.

Cloud Hosting is designed to eliminate the common web hosting problems of hardware failure, downtime, data loss and email connectivity.

Cloud technology ensures maximum performance at all time.

Hosting includes: FTP, CGI, PHP, ASP, mySQL plus visitor and site usage statistics.

Free Migration - if you're looking for a new hosting company we’ll help you to migrate your website for no charge.

Twice-daily backups. Hourly backups are available for an additional charge. We retain approx 60 backups at all time.

Access to the datacentre compound is restricted only to authorised personnel. Biometic scanning is used for access to the datafloor and other secure areas. Racks are individually locked and caged off.

The hosting datacentre is ISO9001 compliant.

Network security is provided by Juniper and Cisco industry standard hardware firewalls.

Please note that we do not provide web hosting to companies looking for hosting only. Z-Net provide hosting and e-mail services for companies and individuals that are looking for web design services, looking to migrate over and wish us to take on the maintenance of their website, or to those that we provide search engine optimisation services for -via our sister-company SEO Crunch.

Basic hosting with e-mail starts at £160 per year up to a maximum of £450 for unlimited enterprise / high-bandwidth hosting. Please contact us for a quote to fit your needs.

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